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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Wait… you mean I missed Valentine’s Day?

You’re right… I didn’t blog for you on Valentine’s Day. It was a crazy day for us! We were guests of honor at Amoeba Music – how cool is that! I had a brand new haircut and a slew of brand new dogs to match it. Check out these great pictures from the event – http://www.amoeba.com/live-shows/performances/san-francisco/2010-february-14/pet-adoption-day/photos.html

Today we had a little adoption event at Petco in Colma and a dog that was adopted as a result of the Amoeba event, Barney, came by to visit by accident. What a treat!

And so, I’m feeling nostalgic. All this love we’ve had and are having… you all are a great bunch to participate in this with me. An ongoing love affair with these animals that we know won’t last as long as us – we are giving a gift to the world.

Thank you to those who have adopted, are adopting, and will adopt.

Here is Bella, a Muttville rescue, on Valentine’s Day.

Please post a picture of the dog you have loved, are loving, will love.

AliG | 02.21.10 | 3 comments

wow, 6 adoptions and 12 new dogs this week alone!

wow, 6 adoptions and 12 new dogs this week alone!

It’s hard to keep up with all the action, Muttville is getting requests right and left and all the dogs are so deserving! As word gets around, more and more requests for help come our way. We are so lucky to have great foster homes that are stepping up to take in all these wonderful dogs.
Just a sampling of some of our new arrivals, 3 poms, 2 poodles, a german shepherd mix, a bassett mix, a chi, a pekingnese, a boston terrier, a shitzhu, a maltese, and a couple of muttley mutts, of course! From Merced, SF, Oakland, Berkeley, Bakersfield, Antioch, Martinez and LA
Any open homes out there??

sherri | 02.18.10 | 2 comments

A new dog in the house.

A new dog in the house.

Do ya’ll know that I finally adopted one of my fosters? I went through about 11 foster dogs, each just as lovely as the last, until I found one that was truly meant to stay. My little Tuki.

The Tukster is a bit of a lone wolf. She tolerates other dogs but she lifts her lip at puppies and turns her head away from all other dogs.

We’ve had a few more fosters since Tuki became permanent. There is something about Tuki that makes dogs drawn to her.

I picked up a new foster last night from Sherri’s house – an overweight Cocker Spaniel who’s owner had a stroke and was no longer able to care for him. I brought the dog back to my apartment and he promptly conked out on top of Tuki. My poor little dog – what a hard life she has now!

What do you think this dog’s name is? I’ll be writing a blurb about him – he’s the fattest Cocker Spaniel I’ve ever seen.

AliG | 02.04.10 | 6 comments