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Our Little Blues Brothers, Moses and Elmer, wanted to watch a 3D movie

Our Little Blues Brothers, Moses and Elmer, wanted to watch a 3D movie

tonight, so we set them up with their 3D glasses.

We all enjoyed watching The Three Stooges 3D Shorts movie, but I think the best part was watching our little stooges.

By the way, they are both up for adoption, with or without the glasses!

sherri | 09.29.09 | 1 comment

Good Day, Wesley and Sasha were adopted! and sweet

Good Day, Wesley and Sasha were adopted! and sweet

Tiger Lilly has a potential home, too. Adoptions are super slow right now and we get so excited when one of our homeless doggies finally finds their forever home….

These dogs are so wonderful, that they were abandoned is a crime and I will never understand how some can come in so neglected and yet they still trust and love humans so much. Last night they sure did keep my bed warm!

It’s getting cold out there and having a nice furry buddy around not only warms your bed but can light a big fire in your heart.

This is Bella!

sherri | 09.29.09 | 1 comment

Look who's joining Muttville

Look who's joining Muttville

A westhighland terrier, a cockapoo, a peke mix, a mini schnauzer. All shapes and sizes, these were all sweet dogs that were going to be killed this week. Instead they are joining Muttville.

Can you help? We could use a few homes – foster homes or potential adoptive ones. This is the sweetest little girl, she just needs a bath to make her white again!

Please think about it and email us at sherri@muttville.org

sherri | 09.26.09 | 1 comment

Muttville dogs had some admirers today and one went to her new home!

Muttville dogs had some admirers today and one went to her new home!

It was a great day for Nana…..

Amy, a Muttville volunteer came over with her husband to walk some dogs with no intention of making a love connection – but as we all know it comes out of nowhere sometimes…. Darryl took Nana for a walk and when they returned, he said I want to take her out for a burger and then home with us!!

Wow, life changing for our depressed girl who never even wanted to leave her dog bed. I already got an email saying she was out running in their .5 acre backyard with a big grin on her face….in the happy zone.

That’s why we love Muttville

sherri | 09.25.09 | 2 comments

Poor Sweet Misty, they opened up her belly and found

Poor Sweet Misty, they opened up her belly and found

that the tumor in her liver was not operable, it was wrapping around vital organs. So they closed her back up. She doesn’t know about her condition..
we will give her so much love in the next few months, our little chunky soldier.
In case anyone wants to help this little girl by fostering her, we would love to have her in a less active home then Muttville central, just let me know

sherri | 09.24.09 | 2 comments

We got the cutest dogs today!! WOW

We got the cutest dogs today!! WOW

A mini schnauzer I named Bitsy, a 3 pound chi named Tweedy and a super shy and obviously abused aussie mix girlie named Sophie Lorraine.

They WERE all pretty grungy after being in the shelters for a couple of weeks. So lots of baths and clippings. I know they feel better and they are very cute, too.

All girls today, need some more foster homes right away, please spread the word!! I was wandering through the shelter in Contra Costa, what a sad place for a dog to end its days. I would like to get more out of there also!

Email me if you can foster, sherri@muttville.org

sherri | 09.22.09 | 1 comment

We got doggy ramps and now it's playtime in the yard

We got doggy ramps and now it's playtime in the yard

Yesterday Kristin came over with ramps so the little ones can get to the garden without me carrying them! We had so much fun training them to use it. Now they are all running up and down to the garden.

I’m even getting exercise running around with them. We used yoga mats to make the ramp have nice traction – another use for my old yoga mats.

sherri | 09.20.09 | 2 comments

Misty will have surgery and a new lease on life!

Misty will have surgery and a new lease on life!

Today Dr. Dave at Mission Pet Hospital called and said, yes we can remove her liver tumor!! She is such a good girl and young for Muttville-only 7 years old.
We know that the tumor hasn’t spread so he is hoping to get it all out.
We need to get her healthy and find her a new home, she deserves that.
She is always up for an adventure, let’s hope this one is the best….

sherri | 09.18.09 | 1 comment

Vote for Muttville, earn us a grant!

Please vote for Muttville in The Animal Rescue Site’s challenge! We’re getting close…Muttville is #4 in California as of today. We could receive as much as $20,000 in grant money.

From their site:
Help The Animal Rescue Site choose which eligible Petfinder.com animal rescue organizations will receive special funds to help animals! Participating is simple. You can cast one vote every day for your favorite rescue organization, starting on September 14.

Here’s the link to the voting page:

Go, Muttville!

jane | 09.17.09 | 0 comments

Clyde returned and adopted!! All in a day's work

Clyde returned and adopted!! All in a day's work

So, our sweet little boy Clyde was returned: “There just wasn’t a connection.” The minute someone heard that, they were ecstatic and the new adopter took him home. YAY, Clyde. He is a doll and just needs the right home.

We also had a visit at the Biron Hotel. It’s this really cool wine bar in SF that wants to hold a fundraiser for Muttville. They serve great wine and we are so excited to partner with them for the dogs. We already picked a date so make sure you mark your calendars, Sunday November 22nd. Be there or be square!

sherri | 09.16.09 | 1 comment

37 teeth removed from Harry's little mouth

Little Harry the doxie had no idea what he was in for when he went to the vet today, and neither did we!

We knew his breath was pretty bad, so we figured a couple of teeth might need to go. He was going to the SFSPCA for a dental and neuter.

Muttville is used some pretty awful mouths but Harry now holds the record for the most teeth removed in one day. They did leave 4 teeth. Soft food for our little guy. His adopters are staying home around the clock to make sure he is OK. At least he has nice breath now!

sherri | 09.15.09 | 2 comments

Going to the dogs...first look

Muttville was privileged to be the beneficiary of a wonderful “Going to the Dogs” fundraiser in Orinda.

jane | 09.13.09 | 6 comments

thunder and lightning, oh my

thunder and lightning, oh my

Not much sleep last night, with all the dogs on alert, not sure if the dogs woke me or the thunder, so cool.
now getting the dogs ready for their fashion show in Orinda, all adoptable Muttville dogs will be catwalking with their Scutte recycled t shirts on. So , tonight I am busy fluffing hair, dog hair that is!
Hope I see some friendly faces there.

“Going to the Dogs” Fundraiser and Party
Sunday, Sep 13, 1:30 – 4:30PM
Woodhall Clubhouse, 501 Orindawoods Drive, Orinda CA

sherri | 09.12.09 | 0 comments

Nana, Spooner, and Dale arrived tonight!

Nana, Spooner, and Dale arrived tonight!

Our wonderful volunteer, Maureen, just arrived with precious cargo.

We got 3 wonderful and lucky dogs tonight. They were all going to be euthanized tomorrow but they got lucky once we heard about them!

They are all asleep, relieved to be somewhere quiet and safe. It was a long trip from Roseville.

Spooner is a greyhound/blue tick hound mix, a very exquisite girl. She was the shelter favorite, too. Nana is a white lab mix, timid and nervous, but that will change-she already gave me kisses. She is old and quiet. And then there is Dale a spitfire pomeranian. He has made friends already and is right at home. The photo is Nana at the shelter, waiting for rescue.

Life is good.

sherri | 09.11.09 | 0 comments

Shelter hold time is down to 3 days, and so many need our help

Shelter hold time is down to 3 days, and so many need our help

So many shelters need our help right now. With the new hold time whittled to 3 days, time is of the essence. We are getting 3 dogs from Placer Co and one from Martinez and another little guy is coming from a senior that has lost her housing and is terribly distraught about having to give her senior dog to an animal shelter. She was in tears when I told her we would save him.
Life is hard on animals right now and I wish we could do even more, we do what we can, once again hoping for more adoptions…..
anybody out there?

sherri | 09.10.09 | 0 comments

With help, Angel will see again!

With help, Angel will see again!

Off to UC Davis for a conference on Veterinary Hospice Care, should be interesting.

We found out that if we can raise $3500, Angel’s blindness can be cured with an operation. I so hope we can get the funds, Angel is deaf, so for her to see would be so great. It will be so much easier for her to find an adopter.

We are getting a few new babies over the weekend, I always love meeting the new ones, they come to us so shell-shocked and it’s great to watch them blossom once they know they are safe.

Hope everyone has a great weekend with their pups and I hope that our adoptions go though the roof also!

sherri | 09.04.09 | 0 comments

Bunnies and kitties and Gypsy

So, finally have a chance to sit down and go through the day’s events.

Moses had really bad diarrhea – thank god it was outside – so rice and cottage cheese for him with a bit of FOS, which really seems to help also.

Got the word our Gypsy got adopted by a wonderful family that has bunnies and kitties. I can’t wait for a photo of her curled up with them, our big girl. I have to thank Victoria for fostering her over at High Tail Hotel.

Sweet Ginger was returned to Muttville on Saturday and is going to her new home on Friday – what a lucky doggy and what a lucky adopter; Ginger is one of the best dogs ever! We have so many highly adoptable dogs, we just need some adopters.

So many emails these days about dogs in danger, sometimes I hate to check my email.

sherri | 09.02.09 | 0 comments