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Dog Days of August

What a day for Muttville! We had a great turnout at the Dog Days of August in Duboce Park. Our dogs were very popular, and we hope people will adopt a couple because we have a full house. And Sweet Ginger is being returned tonight- we love her so it’s OK and she will find a new home that will appreciate her sweetness. Luther has an appointment tomorrow to meet a new person and so does Elmer.

As much as I miss them when they go, I am happy because they have a family all their own, and it opens up space for all the dogs in danger that need our help. We are still short on foster homes, but it seems there are more people stepping up to care for our dogs.

I hope it cools down tomorrow. It is too hot for the pooches, not to mention us humans!

sherri | 08.30.09 | 1 comment

Paws crossed for Bridget

Paws crossed for Bridget

Picked up scruffymuffin Bridget from SFVS. She has a stomach tumor… waiting for results from the needle aspirate.

Hope it’s operable, not the big C. Paws crossed.

sherri | 08.25.09 | 1 comment

Phineas and Duchess

Phineas and Duchess

One of those days, full of ups and downs. Got a new little chihuahua, we named him Phineas – the name is bigger than he is! He got adopted already, at the outreach event at newport.com. That felt great.

And then I got word that Duchess, one of our hospice dogs, was having a severe seizure and her body was losing function, so heartbreaking. We decided to let her go out of compassion. She was loved like a princess for the last few months, the kind of love she never knew and never would have known had it not been for Muttville.

It is still such a loss when one of our special dogs leaves us, thank you Barbara for being such a loving mom to Duchess. We will all miss her.

sherri | 08.20.09 | 0 comments

Starved for chow and love

Today was a long day, away from the dogs. But need to pay the rent, so off to work.

Muttville is so lucky to have such great volunteers. Linda came over and spent almost 4 hours with the mutts here. They all got walks and lots of lovin’. We did get a new baby delivered just now and we will name her Delphi. She is quite shy and really flea-infested. She ate like a starved dog; I loved watching her chow down. I am not sure of her breed, maybe a malti/silky/papillon mix. Looks like she was used as a breeding machine, ears very gooey, no hair on her naked tail.

I know she is a diamond in the rough.

sherri | 08.15.09 | 0 comments

Pass the popcorn, Chin Chin

Well, after a long day of vet and grooming appointments, it’s movie time! All the doggies have had their medications and are ready for an independent film. Sasha will tuck in with me, Chin Chin under the blankets, Granpapa on his pillow, Misty on the couch, Miro and Angel curled up on dog beds and Lolli will be coaxed to join us. Moses and Oscar on the sofa with Lisa, maybe some popcorn. Never a lonely moment here at Muttville central.

sherri | 08.13.09 | 0 comments

Welcome, Baggio!

Welcome, Baggio!

OK, so can they get any cuter? Baggio just arrived – what a super sweet little girl she is. She was a shelter favorite; when they were taking her for euthanasia she wagged her tail and the guy just couldn’t do it.

Muttville is lucky to have her. She will get a great second chance at love here.

sherri | 08.12.09 | 0 comments

Miro's first night

This AM I woke up before all the dogs that were crashed out around me, they were cozy and didn’t feel like facing the day just yet-God it makes it hard to get out of bed.
The newest little guy, Miro the poodle from LA loved his first night cozied up. After being in a shelter watching all the other dogs getting adopted day after day, he felt like he finally hit the jackpot.

The best news is there is a woman that is already eyeing him as her new companion.

Another email just came in 5 minutes ago, woman going into nursing home, little maltese needs rescue…. I keep saying I need to put on the brakes, but when you see the photos, it is hard.

I don’t want to see these senior dogs going into the dark and noisy animal shelters.

sherri | 08.11.09 | 0 comments