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Appreciating All The Lives We Cross

Appreciating All The Lives We Cross

A blog post by our all-star volunteer, Marie:

Walking Muttville dogs Chloe, Collette, Waldo and Frankie in Glen Park, Muttville volunteer, Patty, and I came across an injured blue jay. She let me pick her up and she cuddled in my hand. She looked injured in one of her wings. We named her Twitter.

True, I have no idea how to care for birds, and I have never had one as a pet. But loving and caring for a life, no matter how long or short, this is something I do know. How lucky for this little fledgling to be found by 2 Muttville volunteers, I thought. But really, the fortune was all ours.

This beautiful bird was cradled in my hand. I could admire its beauty up close! Who has ever seen beauty this close of a wild creature? I felt so honored. Her blue was so beautiful. My favorite color. Reminded me when I used to have the same deep blue streaked in my hair years ago. And she was the same blue as the charm I’ve been wearing for years. Looking at her in the same hand where I have a little blue bird tattooed on my ring finger, quite surreal.

She knew I was going to care for her, I could tell. And when she passed away the following day, she was so peaceful and happy and relaxed. She was laying in my hand. She let me pet her head, and she showed that she loved it. She tucked her little face in my palm. She did! Before she went, she lifted her head, looked all around, and then her eyes stared into mine. Then she gently nestled her head again in my palm and closed her eyes.

AliG | 06.21.10

Sitting at my desk here at work and tearing up over the beauty of this story. Wow.

Amy | 06.23.10 11:15am

Oh, Marie. You were both very lucky.

lacox702 | 06.24.10 07:13am

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