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Awards and Accomplishments

Since its inception in 2007, Muttville has enjoyed tremendous success, finding homes for hundreds of mutts and helping change the way the world thinks of senior dogs. In the process, we’ve won awards and accolades from everybody from Oprah to the Red Cross. (We’ve only included highlights of our press coverage; for more, see our press pages.)

Thanks go to the Muttville community – our donors, adopters, fosters, volunteers, and supporters (including all of you who vote for Muttville in contests, like the Toyota Cars for Good campaign that ended up winning us a Sienna!) – who make it all possible.


  • After seeing senior dogs languish and suffer in shelters, Sherri Franklin takes the first step toward fulfilling her dream of making a difference in their lives: she founds Muttville in January and brings home Jimmy Love, Muttville’s first rescue.
  • Muttville’s first Seniors for Seniors adoption occurs at Pet Pride, Muttville’s first outreach event, in April. Tiny Dancer crawls into Jean’s lap, and they live happily ever after!
  • Muttville’s first Board of Directors is established in May. The Board formulates Muttville’s official Mission Statement.
  • Muttville rescues 27 dogs in 2007, has 4 foster homes and 15 volunteers.


  • Muttville is granted 501(c)(3) non-profit status in February.
  • “The Story of Muttville,” a video produced by Meredith Arthur and board president Jane Goldman, premieres in July on the Muttville website. The video attracts the attention of the band Gogol Bordello, who reach out to Muttville. With Sherri’s sister, Deanne, in the music business, ideas start flying, and three months later …
  • Gogol Bordello plays a sold-out benefit for Muttville at Slims SF in October. Lead singer Eugene Hutz starts the show proclaiming, “This is for all the homeless doggies!”
  • Muttville is featured in the San Francisco Chronicle.
  • Muttville rescues 198 dogs in 2008, has 14 foster homes and 25 volunteers.


  • Beast of the Bay Awards, as voted by readers of Bay Woof magazine:
    • Runner up – Best Rescue Group
    • Runner up – Best Canine Cause (Senior Dog Rescue)
    • Runner up – Best Canine Fundraising Event (Gogol Bordello at Slims)
  • Muttville’s first fundraiser “Moolah for Mutts” in July is a great success. “Moolah” becomes an annual event.
  • Minoo is Muttville’s 500th rescue. Later, Minoo appears on the cover of Rescued! Tales of California Canine Rescue, by Julie Anne Schubert.
  • Muttville’s amazing Mr. Randy Pants is featured on dogtime.com’s Road to Rescue on CBS5.
  • Muttville rescues 330 dogs in 2009, has 27 foster homes and 95 volunteers. Muttville is known statewide as a shelter of “last resort” for senior dogs slated for euthanasia, receiving dozens of rescue requests a week.





  • Beast of the Bay Awards, as voted by readers of Bay Woof magazine:
    • Winner – Best Rescue Group
    • Winner – Best Canine Cause (Senior Dog Rescue)
    • Winner – Best Fundraising Event (Moolah for Mutts)
    • Runner-up – Best Thing to Happen to Bay Area Dogs in 2012 (Muttville moving into a new home)
    • Runner-up – Best Dog Blog
    • Runner-up – Best Online Adoption Site
    • Runner-up – Best Overall Website for Dog Lovers